AI Photo Filters, Image Generation, and Photo Restoration Transform your images with Image!nator
and experience the magic of our spectacular photo filters.

Additional Features:


Photos + Artificial Intelligence

See what Image!nator conjures from your photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence
image image "So much fun, and it's so easy. Love it!"

- Francoise M.

Next-Generation Photo Filters


Transform yourself into your favorite characters with Image!nator! Whether GTA, Disney, or Lord of the Rings - everything is possible.

Discover a new side of yourself - with our diverse photo effects and filters. Be inspired by our selection and find your own unique style.

image "With this app, my old photos look like I just took them. It's incredible!"

- Isabella N.

Become Part of Your Favorite World

Just to name a few examples:
  • Enter the world of Harry Potter: Transform yourself into a real wizard with Image!nator!
  • Travel back to the 90s: With our retro filters, you'll feel like you're in a time machine.
  • Bring out the gangster rapper in you - with our cool effects and filters.
  • Experience the charm of the 60s: Our vintage effects take you on a nostalgic journey back in time.
  • Dance through the forest like an Elf from the world of Lord of the Rings - thanks to Image!nator, your dream comes true.
image image

More Photo Effects

Become a wrestling star, a mafia boss, a business guru, a supervillain, or a superhero - everything is possible!

Awaken the orc and zombie in you, walk the catwalk, or find out how you would have looked in medieval times.

"We've packed so many spectacular effects into the app to truly delight everyone. The range of filters includes: Disney, GTA, Pixar, Werewolf, Zombie, Wrestling, 60s & 90s Yearbook, Catwalk & Model, Harry Potter's Hogwarts, Elves, Orcs, Hobbits, Film Noir, The Witcher, The Mafia Boss, Christmas, Hot & Sexy, Lingerie, Manga, Superhero & Supervillain, Medieval..."

- Developer Michael.

Your Photo Swiss Army Knife

Image!nator is your weapon of choice for photo manipulation.

Image!nator can do even more

AI Image Generation
Create images based on your descriptions with Imagenator! Regardless of your artistic ability, you can use the power of words to generate unique works of art.
Photo restoration
Bring old memories back to life! With Imagenator, you can restore damaged or faded photos to their original splendor.
Even blurred photos can be rescued.
Job application and business photos
Make a lasting impression - our application and business photos give your professional appearance that certain something. Show the world who you really are
Sketch to photo
Turn your sketches into impressive photos! With Imagenator, you can easily turn your creative drawings and sketches into high-quality photos.
Image variation
Discover endless possibilities - With Imagenator you can create a multitude of variations from one image. Find your perfect image, no matter how unusual or traditional it may be.
Give your black and white photos a new dimension! With Imagenator, you can breathe color and life into these timeless images.
From old to young and from fat to thin
A journey through time - With Imagenator you can transform yourself from youngster to sage or from chubby to fitness guru in seconds. The power of change is in your hands.
New hairstyles
New look, new you - thanks to Imagenator, you can experiment like never before! Try out new hairstyles without having to do a single haircut.

More than 30 photo filters

Let your imagination run wild and become what you've always wanted to be with Imagenator.
Discover unlimited possibilities - from fantasy characters to timeless icons.

Available for all devices

You can use Image!nator on all your Apple devices


Take your creativity with you wherever you go - Imagenator is the ultimate photo app for iPhone. Create stunning works of art and impressive photos wherever you are.
Create masterpieces on a large format - with Imagenator on the iPad, your screen becomes a canvas on which your artistic dreams come true.
Your creativity knows no bounds - Imagenator on the Mac gives you complete control over your artwork. Let your imagination run wild and create the stunning images you've always wanted.

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